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Life Advocacy Student Training

Organizer: Healing the Culture
Location: Reno, Nevada
Date: Apr. 2nd, 2016
Life Advocacy Student Training


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Apr. 2nd, 2016
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Life Advocacy Student Training
1664 N Virginia St , Reno , Nevada 89503 United States


Healing the Culture

Have you ever been tongue-tied in conversations about why you are pro-life? Ever felt like you’re just not communicating? Do you wish there was a way to really reach people who seem unreachable?
Learn how to say what you mean about life! Healing the Culture has developed a game-changing pro-life curriculum specifically tailored for the unique concerns of college and university student leaders. In just a few hours, Life Advocacy Student Training (LAST) will transform your ability to communicate the logic, ethics, and justice of the pro-life position to friends, family, classmates…and even your professors.