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American Atrocities Tour

Organizer: Missionaries to the Preborn
Location: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Date: Jun. 17th, 2017
American Atrocities Tour


Start Date:
Jun. 17th, 2017
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Event Information

American Atrocities Tour
County Line Rd. (County Road Q) & Appleton Ave , Menomonee Falls , Wisconsin 53051 United States


Missionaries to the Preborn

A “Pro-Life Tour” or an “American Atrocities Tour” is a pro-life presentation conducted in a high traffic area of a community. Our mission is to make the horrific truth of what abortion really is plain and unavoidable to the citizens of every community.  

We will graphically be putting on visual display the truth about what someone is really supporting or allowing if they claim to be ‘pro-choice’ (which is just an euphemism for ‘pro-abortion’), by holding pictures of aborted preborn babies. No longer will the citizens of these towns and communities be able to say that they were unaware of the murder of the Preborn child taking place in our culture.