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Appleton Veritas Society Reception with Rebekah Buell

Organizer: Wisconsin Right to Life
Location: Appleton, Wisconsin
Date: May. 16th, 2017
Appleton Veritas Society Reception with Rebekah Buell


Start Date:
May. 16th, 2017
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Appleton Veritas Society Reception with Rebekah Buell
3600 W Prospect Avenue , Appleton , Wisconsin 54914 United States


Wisconsin Right to Life

Our keynote speaker is abortion-reversal mother Rebekah Buell. Rebekah Buell`s journey began in 2011, when she became pregnant with her first son at just 17. Despite the many challenges she faced, Rebekah chose life for her first-born, and went on to begin college at a California University. Her future was looking up, but before long, Rebekah`s troubled relationship came to an end, and it was at that same time that she discovered she was pregnant with her second child. Feeling panicked, ashamed, and afraid of losing her parent`s support and college dreams, Rebekah decided that raising two children at 19 years old would be impossible. With no hope in sight, she visited Planned Parenthood at 8 weeks pregnant and began a chemical abortion.