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17th Annual Maryland Face the Truth Tour

Organizer: Defend Life Maryland
Location: Any City, Maryland
Date: Jul. 25th, 2017
17th Annual Maryland Face the Truth Tour


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Jul. 25th, 2017
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17th Annual Maryland Face the Truth Tour
Any City , Maryland United States


Defend Life Maryland

Defend Life Maryland is sponsoring the "Annual Maryland Face the Truth Tour" at various locations across Maryland. Social reform movements throughout history have used images to show people the injustice they were fighting. Those who stopped the slave trade showed pictures of the slave ships; those who reformed the child labor laws showed pictures of the children in the factories and mines; civil rights leaders insisted that the public witness the brutality committed against Blacks. Disturbing pictures are likewise used to dissuade children from crime, drunk driving and smoking, or to educate them about the Holocaust. Other movements that use pictures include the animal rights, anti-war, anti-hunger and environmentalist movements.

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